Leuven Belgian Beer Cafe
Leuven Belgian Beer Café
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About Leuven - Belgian Beer Cafe

A small piece of Belgium in the heart of the Wellingtons CBD.

12,000 miles from the streets of Leuven, the famed seat of learning in the North of Belgium, you can enjoy the fruits of hundreds of years of fine brewing and dining tradition.

In a fully refurbished building erected in 1907, whose previous occupiers consisted of – Wool, grain and seed shipping merchants, insurance brokers, rubber goods agents, stock brokers and hair dressers – today is a unique Belgian Beer Café – called Leuven.

Leuven draws on the predominantly Flemish traditions that has been home to Stella Artois since its inception over 800 years ago.

Whether it be a corporate breakfast, a lunch with friends, dinner or 5'0clock drinks with collegues Leuven provides a warm, relaxed and authentic environment to enjoy the best of Europe cuisine, beer, wine and service.

Outdoor Courtyard ~ summer CBD dining at its best

Sit in our street side courtyard, enjoy a belgian beer, a pot of
steaming mussels and the Wellington sun. ~ Can you think of anything
better to do for lunch!

The courtyard is open on all days fine enough. And becuase we are in
Wellington thats often!